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What we do?
We wholesale adult sex toys from China to all over the world, what makes different from other wholesalers is that we wholesale adult sex toys in small quantities. The minimum order quantity is $39 and we accept mixed orders, which makes everybody be able to buy adult sex toys at really cheap wholesale price. Our target customers are not just retailers, but also general customers. For general customers, even through you buy in small quantities, you will get relatively low prices. For retailers, if you buy in large quantities, the price for you will be very cheap, because almost all products have quantity discounts, the more you buy, the lower price you will get.
Who we are?
Naughty-naughty.com is a sexy lingerie and sex toy B2B & B2C wholesale website owned by SHANGTU CO., LIMITED. Our sales team and customer service team is located in Chengdu China, manufacturers we cooperated with are majorly loaded in Shenzhen China. We aim to provide quality good adult sex toys at wholesale price.
Why trust us?

We are a real company, we are not a scammer.

Money back, we accept payments via Paypal, Paypal guarantees you can get you money back if you get cheated.

Test orders are welcomed. If you are a shop, you want to test our products before wholesale from us, then check the "Test orders" section on the General FAQ page.

Why buy from us?

Competitive pricing, most adult sex toys are made in China, buy from us, you will have a good margin

Safe payment, we accept payments via Paypal, you can trust Paypal, Paypal guarantees you can get you money back if you get cheated.

Small minimum order quantity, the minimum order is only $39.

Mixed order, you can buy several products with 1 piece of each product.

Great return policy, we will cover everything if it's our fault.

Great customer service, emails will be answered in 0-24 hours.

A free gifts for every order.

Meet Our Main Customer Service Team
Co-founder of naughty-naughty.com, sales manager.
Contact email: info@naughty-naughty.com


Our best sales representative.
Contact email: lolita@naughty-naughty.com

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